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US-8793762-B2: Simple nonautonomous peering network media patent, US-8794020-B2: Air-conditioning apparatus patent, US-8794882-B2: Releasable thread chaser patent, US-8796736-B1: Monolithic integration of group III nitride epitaxial layers patent, US-8799298-B2: On-demand database service system, method, and computer program product for enforcing the inclusion of tests in a developed application patent, US-8799853-B2: Dynamic synchronization in a target system having multiple programmable hardware elements patent, US-8800648-B2: Seal having stress control groove patent, US-8800993-B2: Card handling systems, devices for use in card handling systems and related methods patent, US-8801857-B2: Self-centering susceptor ring assembly patent, US-8802173-B2: Process for coating frozen products patent, US-8803048-B2: Induction heating and control system and method with high reliability and advanced performance features patent, US-8804653-B2: System and method for call handoff between circuit switched and packet data wireless networks patent, US-8806027-B2: Nearby media device tracking patent, US-8807751-B2: Retinal fundus surveillance method and apparatus patent, US-8808792-B2: Carbon nanotube conductor with enhanced electrical conductivity patent, US-8812271-B1: Waterflooding injectate design systems and methods patent, US-8812896-B1: High-availability data center patent, US-8813374-B2: Chain guard for a motor-driven chain saw and a carrying arrangement therefor patent, US-8814114-B2: Tension window rods patent, US-8814890-B2: Vascular catheter patent, US-8814999-B2: Phase change ink compositions comprising crystalline sulfone compounds and derivatives thereof patent, US-8816625-B2: Integrated regenerative AC drive with solid state precharging patent, US-8816784-B1: Silicon-based atomic clocks patent, US-8817371-B1: Polarizing beam splitters patent, US-8820024-B1: Wall building system and method patent, US-8821565-B2: Stent/graft device for open surgical placement patent, US-8822791-B2: Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH491983 patent, US-8823218-B2: System and method for enhanced watch dog in solar panel installations patent, US-8826670-B2: Method for controlling a gas turbine in a power station, and a power station for carrying out the method patent, US-8827721-B2: Method of measuring abdominal thrusts for clinical use and training patent, US-8828398-B2: Pharmaceutical composition for treating and/or preventing cancer patent, US-8828713-B2: Sensors using high electron mobility transistors patent, US-8829552-B2: Light emitting device patent, US-8830717-B2: Optimized configurable NAND parameters patent, US-8831068-B2: Gas monitoring system using a random phase multiple access system patent, US-8833863-B2: Wheel assembly for motor vehicles patent, US-8839036-B2: System and method for root cause analysis patent, US-8839481-B2: Oral care implement patent, US-8839822-B2: Dual containment systems, methods and kits patent, US-8839871-B2: Well tools operable via thermal expansion resulting from reactive materials patent, US-8840266-B1: Modular power-delivery system patent, US-8847249-B2: Solid-state optical device having enhanced indium content in active regions patent, US-8847968-B2: Displaying static images patent, US-8848771-B2: System and method for simultaneous operation of multiple modems using a single transceiver patent, US-8854706-B2: Auto document feeding device patent, US-8857159-B2: Systems and methods for reducing NOx breakthrough patent, US-8858334-B2: Racing car wheel and controls for use in a multimedia interactive environment patent, US-8859681-B2: Polyester blends exhibiting low temperature toughness patent, US-8860505-B2: Lock-in amplifier with phase-synchronous processing patent, US-8862872-B2: Ticket-based spectrum authorization and access control patent, US-8864912-B2: Method and device for internally cleaning cans having corresponding openings patent, US-8867101-B2: Photoengraving consumable material remote administration method patent, US-8869542-B2: Polymer-based electrocaloric cooling devices patent, US-8869987-B2: Serpentine structures for continuous flow particle separations patent, US-8870910-B1: Methods of decoupling joints patent, US-8871494-B2: Over-production of secondary metabolites by over-expression of the VEA gene patent, US-8872408-B2: Betavoltaic power sources for mobile device applications patent, US-8873602-B2: Method and device for transmitting sounding reference signal in multi-antenna system patent, US-8874846-B2: Memory cell presetting for improved memory performance patent, US-8874864-B2: Maintaining snapshot and active file system metadata in an on disk structure of a file system patent, US-8875883-B2: Tiered tool holder patent, US-8876684-B1: Dosimetrically customizable brachytherapy carriers and methods thereof in the treatment of tumors patent, US-8877011-B2: Systems and methods for making fiber webs patent, US-8878938-B2: System and method for assigning cameras and codes to geographic locations and generating security alerts using mobile phones and other devices patent, US-8879128-B2: Image reading apparatus, method for reading image, and storage medium that detects a floating distance patent, US-8880722-B2: Dynamic media bit rates based on enterprise data transfer policies patent, US-8882704-B2: Injector patent, US-8883321-B2: Polymerizable compositions and organic light-emitting devices containing them patent, US-8884184-B2: Polymer tubing laser micromachining patent, US-8884391-B2: Photoelectric conversion device and photoelectric conversion system with boundary region patent, US-8885455-B2: Method and apparatus for sending and processing data modulated using modulation factors patent, US-8885572-B2: Wireless communication methods and apparatus using beacon signals patent, US-8889877-B2: Processes for preparing pyridinone carboxylic acid aldehydes patent, US-8890679-B2: Smart power device patent, US-8890839-B2: Capacitive proximity switch patent, US-8891373-B2: System and method for synchronizing quality of service in a wireless network environment patent, US-8892693-B2: Enabling fragment-based mobile device application streaming patent, US-8895709-B2: Isolation and purification of antibodies using protein A affinity chromatography patent, US-2015217479-A1: Ceramic component casting patent, US-8895761-B2: 4-phenylpyrane-3,5-diones, 4-phenylthiopyrane-3,5-diones and 2-phenylcyclohexane-1,3,5-triones as herbicides patent, US-8896726-B2: Imaging apparatus and imaging method for generating electronic image data and performing special effect operations patent, US-8897915-B2: Inventory security management for a hair dye storage system patent, US-8899590-B1: Spill-free beer pong system and components thereof patent, US-8900815-B2: Platelet-derived microparticles as a novel diagnosis maker for a cardiovascular disease patent, US-8903063-B2: Destination device billing according to call recipient patent, US-8903798-B2: Real-time annotation and enrichment of captured video patent, US-8903839-B2: Verifying age and integrity of website pages patent, US-8906038-B2: Devices and methods for laparoscopic gastric tissue reconfiguration patent, US-8906963-B2: Deodorization of peracids patent, US-8908160-B2: Optical air data system suite of sensors patent, US-8909528-B2: Method and system for prompt construction for selection from a list of acoustically confusable items in spoken dialog systems patent, US-8911777-B2: Pharmaceutical composition of tacrolimus patent, US-8911781-B2: Process of manufacture of novel drug delivery system: multilayer tablet composition of thiazolidinedione and biguanides patent, US-8912472-B1: Induction heating of springs patent, US-8914220-B2: Engine system patent, US-8914246-B2: System and methods for aging compensation in AMOLED displays patent, US-8923394-B2: Management of slices patent, US-8923708-B2: Signal processing device and optical receiving device patent, US-8924958-B1: Application player patent, US-8925031-B2: Application gadgets and electronic program guides patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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